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    Breast Lift Aesthetics

    Breast lift aesthetics is a surgical procedure performed to give a new form to breasts that have lost their shape due to some factors. Factors such as pregnancy , breastfeeding and gravity cause the skin and connective tissues in the breast to lose their elasticity . This condition causes the breast to deform, soften and sag. Additionally, the nipples may appear wider than normal.

    Breast lift is a surgical procedure in which excess skin on the breast is removed and the breast tissue inside is shaped in order to reshape, lift and firm sagging breasts. This process also ensures that the nipple and its surroundings are placed in the correct position and the width of the nipple area is reduced. In some patients with milder breast sagging, lift can be performed using only silicone prostheses.

    In Which Situations Is Breast Lift Surgery Preferred ?

    Correcting Sagging Breasts

    Factors such as aging, weight changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause breasts to sag. Breast lift surgery can correct this problem by placing the breasts in a more youthful and upright position.

    Removing Breast A symmetry

    In case of congenital or acquired breast asymmetry, symmetry of the breasts can be achieved with breast lift surgery.

    Breast Reduction

    In some cases, large and heavy breasts can cause back pain, neck pain and poor posture. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with breast reduction surgery.

    Repairing Breast Volume Loss

    There may be volume loss in breast tissue due to the natural aging process and genetic factors. In this case, breast lift surgery can restore the breast shape.

    Is Breast Lift Surgery Suitable for Me?

    Look at your breasts in the mirror. If your nipples are below the breast fold line If it is above, everything is fine. If it is down to this line, it can be said that you have mild breast sagging; if it is below this line, it can be said that you have severe breast sagging. This means that one day you will need breast lift surgery. Indicates you may need it. Especially nipples pointing straight down show the severity of the situation.

    In cases of 2nd and 3rd degree sagging and if there is advanced volume loss in the breast tissue, it may be necessary to remove excess skin and apply a breast prosthesis along with the recovery and shaping of the breast tissue.

    How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

    The surgery is usually performed by a plastic surgeon and may include the following steps:

    • Before the surgery, general anesthesia or local anesthesia is usually applied to make the patient comfortable and painless.
    • At the beginning of the surgery, the doctor cuts the skin and reaches the breast tissue. These incisions are usually made around the nipple, under the breast, or a combination of these areas. The locations of the incisions may vary depending on the patient’s current breast condition and the extent of the surgery.
    • In cases where the skin is sagging, the doctor removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissue. This procedure gives the breast a more upright and firm appearance.
    • When necessary, the nipple and its surroundings are moved to a more suitable position and their width can be reduced. Thus, a more aesthetic and natural appearance of the breast is achieved.
    • If an increase in breast volume is desired or there is not enough breast tissue, silicone breast prostheses can also be placed during breast lift surgery. This allows a breast lift to be combined with breast augmentation.
    • When the surgery is completed, the incisions are closed with stitches and covered with sterile tapes or bandages.

    Breast lift surgery can usually be a surgery that can be discharged on the same day.

    Things to Consider Before Breast Lift Surgery?

    Before breast lift surgery, there are several important steps and preparations to consider. Here are the things to do before breast lift surgery:

    • If you are considering breast lift surgery, you should first meet with a plastic surgeon. The specialist will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you by looking at your current breast condition.
    • Breast lift surgery candidates are evaluated in terms of their general health condition. It is recommended that smokers quit smoking before and after surgery, as smoking can negatively affect the healing process of the surgery.
    • Before the surgery, you should discuss the goals of the surgery, your expectations and possible results in detail with your doctor. Realistic expectations can increase postoperative satisfaction .
    • Understanding the Surgical Technique and Possible Risks: Your plastic surgeon will inform you about the surgical techniques to be used and potential risks. This will help you make decisions and better understand the surgery process.
    • Before surgery, it is important to follow the instructions for medication use as directed by your doctor. You should also avoid smoking before and after surgery.
    • In order to have a comfortable and healthy post-operative recovery period, it is important to determine your post-operative care and support plan with your doctor.

    Breast lift surgery should be planned individually and performed with the experience of the surgical team. Compliance with your doctor’s guidance and instructions during this process is important for the success and results of the surgery.

    Points to Consider After Surgery

    The process after the surgery is mostly comfortable. In the first days, you may feel slight pain when moving or coughing, but it will decrease every day with painkillers. Restricting arm movements reduces pain and positively affects the healing process.

    Bra on the breasts . Thin tubes (drains) are placed on the sides of the breast to remove blood and fluids that may accumulate inside. Drains are usually removed on the 4th day. Resting in a semi-sitting position for 3 days after the surgery will speed up your recovery.

    On the 5th day, the bandage is removed and dressing is done. Dissolvable stitches are often used and do not need to be removed. If there are stitches that do not dissolve, they are removed after the 10th day. The stitched parts should not be exposed to the sun for 6 months.

    A special supportive bra (sports bra ) for 8 weeks after the surgery.

    Post-Surgery Recovery Process

    • You can start consuming liquid food and walking around your room 3-4 hours after the surgery./li>
    • You may feel mild pain on the first night, but it can be easily controlled with simple painkillers.
    • During the hospital period, serum, painkillers and antibiotic treatment may be applied for support purposes.
    • Usually, after the check-up the next day, the drains are removed and the patient is discharged. In some cases, drains can be kept for 1-2 more days if necessary.
    • When you return home, you should consume plenty of liquid food, use recommended antibiotics and painkillers, and wear your special bra without taking it off.
    • In the first days, you should avoid activities where you will use your arms frequently and stay away from movements that make you feel pain, this way you can increase your recovery speed.
    • You will be able to take a bath 3-4 days after the surgery. You can return to your normal life within a week.
    • Bruises that may occur in the early period disappear spontaneously after a week and swelling after 2-3 weeks.
    • It may take up to 3 months for the swelling due to surgical intervention to completely disappear and the breasts to take their final shape.

    Will There Be Any Scars After Breast Lift Surgery?

    The incisions used for breast lift surgery may be in different locations depending on the extent of the surgery and the condition of the breast. Common incisions are made around the nipple (areola) or under the breast. The skin in these areas generally tends to form less noticeable scars during the healing process.

    Factors affecting the appearance of postoperative scars include the person’s skin type, skin color, healing speed, and regular and appropriate postoperative care. Your doctor will give you appropriate care instructions to minimize the formation of scars.

    Today, the advancement of plastic surgery techniques has shown positive effects on leaving less visible scars. In some cases, surgeons can reduce the appearance of scars using technologies such as laser therapy or dermatological methods.

    Are the Results of Breast Lift Surgery Permanent?

    The results of breast lift surgery are usually long-lasting or permanent, but not completely permanent. Breast lift surgery allows the breasts to be transformed from sagging and firm to more upright and shaped. This new shape and firmness achieved in the breasts after surgery can last for a long time.

    However, some changes may occur in the breasts over time due to factors such as aging, gravity, weight changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even after breast lift surgery, there may be a slight sagging and loosening of the breasts.

    Therefore, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations carefully and maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Smoking, exposure to excessive sunlight and excessive weight gain are factors that may negatively affect the continuity of breast lift results.

    How Long After Birth Can Breast Surgery Be Performed?

    The ideal timing for breast surgery after birth may vary depending on several factors. Generally, breast surgery may be considered between 6-12 months after birth. However, this period may vary depending on personal factors such as the woman’s postpartum recovery process, breastfeeding status and breast structure.

    Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery

    In breast lift surgery, the shape and position of the breasts are corrected, but most of the breast tissue is preserved. The nipple and areola are usually left in place, which does not affect breastfeeding.

    Effects on the ability to breastfeed generally depend on the extent of surgery, breast structure, and the techniques used by the surgeon. During breast lift surgery, some of the milk ducts and glands in the lower part of the breast may be damaged or cut. In this case, the ability to breastfeed may be affected.

    If you are considering breastfeeding in the future, it is important to consult your plastic surgeon before surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate your ability to breastfeed after breast lift surgery and determine the best approach for you.