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    Brazilian Butt Aesthetics – BBL

    Brazilian butt aesthetics is a plastic surgery procedure that has become popular in recent years. Butt aesthetics includes a series of surgical and non-surgical procedures to make the butt look more aesthetic and desired. These aesthetic procedures aim to improve the shape, volume and lift of the butt. Among the most frequently preferred procedures for butt aesthetics is the method known as “Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)” or Brazilian Butt Lift.

    The shape and proportion of a person’s hips are largely determined by genetic factors. Both your skeletal structure and the way your body stores fat affect your lower body appearance. While a healthy diet and exercise can be very supportive of achieving a healthy body weight and strengthening muscles, many people are unhappy with a shapeless “flat” hip, despite a healthy lifestyle. Brazilian butt lift surgery helps overcome the effects of genetics by reshaping the hips and surrounding areas such as the hips, waist and thighs.

    Brazilian Buttock is an aesthetic method applied to make the butt area look fuller and more shaped. In this process, the fat taken from the body by liposuction (fat removal) is injected into the hip and butt area.

    The areas where fat is usually removed are the abdomen, waist, hips or thighs. Fats removed using the liposuction method are cleaned with special procedures and then transferred to the hip and butt area. Thus, while the butt gains a fuller and more natural appearance, excess fat from other parts of the body is also removed.

    BBL surgery is very popular for buttock aesthetics because it has the advantage of providing tissue harmony and a natural result because it uses the person’s own body fat. Additionally, since it is performed without the use of foreign materials or implants, complications such as allergy risk and body rejection may be less. Transferring the fat taken from the body to the butt with this method also contributes to the person’s body lines becoming more balanced and aesthetically clear.

    Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Operation Techniques

    Brazilian butt aesthetics (BBL) can be performed using different techniques to give the butt a fuller, lifted and shaped appearance. The main purpose of BBL is to obtain the desired aesthetic appearance by transferring the fat taken from the patient’s body to the buttock. Some common techniques used for this surgery include:

    Fat Injection – Lipofilling

    In the Fat Injection method , excess fat is removed from the patient’s body by liposuction and then purified and injected into the desired areas of the butt. This method allows using the patient’s own fat tissue to achieve a natural and permanent result.

    Gluteal Implants

    In the Gluteal Implant technique , implants made of silicone or a similar material are placed in the buttock. With this method, the butt volume is increased and shaped. However, the fat injection method using own fat tissue is more widely preferred than gluteal implants.

    Mixed Techniques

    In some cases, techniques such as fat injection and gluteal implants can be used together during the BBL operation. In this way, a more customized aesthetic result can be achieved.

    For Brazilian butt aesthetics, the techniques to be applied are determined by taking into consideration the person’s butt shape, body measurements and aesthetic goals. The most appropriate method for each patient is evaluated by the surgeon and planning is made in line with the patient’s wishes.

    Who is Suitable for Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

    Brazilian Buttock (BBL) aesthetics, which attracts the most attention among buttock aesthetic methods, is a safer method in terms of infection compared to other butt lift procedures. All these advantages make BBL stand out for people who want to have butt aesthetics.

    BBL (Brazilian Butt) aesthetics is a butt aesthetic procedure that can be applied to almost everyone. However, it is critical for people who want to have this operation to have the following features in order for the butt lift and butt lift procedure to go smoothly and for the aesthetics to be successful.

    • Being at ideal weight and keeping body weight stable.
    • Not smoking and quitting before surgery.
    • Not having experienced serious complications related to surgical procedures before.
    • Adopting healthy lifestyles such as balanced nutrition and regular exercise.
    • Having sufficient fat tissue in various body parts, especially the hips.
    • Not having had a recent infection and not having serious sources of infection in the body.

    Since BBL (Brazilian Buttock) surgery is an operation performed under anesthesia, the person must be evaluated in detail by the doctor before the procedure. People who do not have any health problems or obstacles for the procedure can be operated on at a convenient time.

    How Long Does Brazilian Buttock (BBL) Operation Take?

    The duration of Brazilian buttock (BBL) surgery may vary depending on the person’s body structure, the details of the operation and the surgeon’s experience. Generally, BBL operation takes between 2 and 4 hours.

    Brazilian Butt Aesthetics (BBL) Things to Consider After

    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) post-operative period is important for a successful recovery process. There are some important points to consider after the procedure.

    • There may be pain, swelling and bruising in the first days after surgery. Regular use of painkillers and other medications prescribed by the doctor will be relieving./li>
    • After surgery, your doctor will probably recommend that you use a tight pressure garment. This garment will help reduce swelling and promote shaping. It is important to use the garment regularly for the recommended period of time.
    • You may need to maintain a certain position while sleeping after surgery. It is generally recommended that you sleep on your back or in a side position. Your doctor will indicate the appropriate sleeping position for you.
    • It is important to stay away from heavy exercises and strenuous activities after the surgery. You should avoid heavy lifting, twisting and bending, and strenuous sports for a certain period of time.
    • You must take care of the incisions and stitches in the operation area in accordance with your doctor’s instructions. Careful attention should be paid to wound care to prevent wound infection.
    • Everyone’s recovery process may be different. The full recovery process may vary depending on the type of surgery, the person’s body structure and health condition. Your doctor will inform you about the length of the recovery process.
    • It is important to go for doctor’s check-ups at regular intervals after the surgery. Your doctor will monitor your recovery and give you the necessary instructions.

    It is important to comply with your doctor’s instructions in the postoperative period to achieve positive results and minimize complications. If you have any problems or concerns after surgery, you should consult your doctor immediately.

    Is Brazilian Butt Enlargement Permanent?

    The permanence of Brazilian butt augmentation may vary depending on the person’s lifestyle, body structure and post-operative care. Since Brazilian butt aesthetics is performed using fat tissue in the body, the results are usually permanent.

    Generally, the results obtained after Brazilian butt aesthetics tend to be permanent. However, following healthy lifestyle habits in the postoperative period can contribute to the long-term desired result. It is important for people considering surgery to discuss their expectations and concerns with their doctors in detail before the surgery.